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"My compliments to you for being the recipient of praise from our student's parent, Mrs. M. At a time when New York City and the school system are constantly plagued with negative publicity, Mrs. M's accolades come as a breath of fresh air. I appreciate the time and effort Mrs. M was able to find to express her sincere feelings towards you. I am thrilled to find that aside from working as a teacher, you treat children like L with great compassion and understanding. Because of the extraordinary insight you have, you were able to pay attention to certain small simple situations pertaining to L. In doing so, you have made, according to Mrs. M, a tremendous difference in L's outlook on life and school. The kudos given to you are well deserved and are much appreciated by yours truly. Keep up the good work." ~ John T.Comer, Community Superintendent, School District 22, Brooklyn, NY

"Thank you so much for visiting Baker School last week. Your informative program captivated my students’ interest as they learned of exciting traditional dress of the African people. I hope you have already received the thank you notes which expressed my students’ delight in your presentation" ~ Mrs. Malfi

"I enjoyed learning more about Africa Ms. Cole. My favorite part is when you taught us what kinds of fabrics Africans used to make clothes. I enjoyed when you said how they tie-dye fabric or cloth. My next favorite lesson is when you picked some kids in my class to try on African clothes. I mostly enjoyed when you showed us pictures of African people. Thank you very much." ~ Jennifer Schwartz                               

Your presentation was tremendous. I enjoyed dressing up in traditional clothing. It was interesting that babies have a naming ceremony and have something sweet on their tongue to taste the sweetness of the world. I couldn’t believe that you made all of the formal clothing. It was entertaining to learn ways to say hi, goodbye, and how are you in different languages. The head wraps were remarkable and comfortable to wear. Thank you so much for informing us about Africa. ~ Elizabeth Ling

Thank you for visiting us and sharing your presentation. You taught us how to say “goodbye” and “how are you?” in Yoruba, Ibo, and Hausa. You showed us what styles and fabrics Nigerians wear. Another piece of information I know from your lesson is people lay on hammocks woven by men. I found it interesting that when a baby is born something sweet is put on its tongue.        ~ Matt Epstein

Thank you for coming to our class. I enjoyed all of the fashions. I really liked all of the Ibo tribe clothes because I had already read about them. I learned much more from you, though. A long time ago the most common colors were brown and blue. I enjoyed everything you taught us.
~ Melanie Kamer

Thank you for coming to our class and teaching me so much about Africa’s way of life. I really enjoyed your lesson and thank you for showing us the styles of Africa. My favorite sculpture was the canoe. ~ Adam Scwartz

I would like to thank you for visiting our class and showing us all the traditional African dresses. They were made of so many different colors and materials. My favorite dress was the one with pink and black. I liked it when you wrapped me in one of the dresses and a head wrap. The head wrap did not feel heavy on my head. I looked very pretty. I learned all about the naming ceremony. It was interesting.
~ Indira Molares ~

Two days ago, when you came to our classroom, you showed us many African garments and languages. You presented us with long skirts called lappa that get tied at the left side of the legs. Head wraps that were wrapped around a few children’s heads. My class and I learned how to say how are you and goodbye in the Yoruba tribe, the Ibo tribe, and the Hausa tribe. The African people used to gather leaves and tree bark t make brown and blue dye. Your presentation was interesting and informative
~ Laura Birnbaum

Thanks for the wonderful presentation. The beautiful clothes you showed us were interesting. The cloth with the bricks looked the most fashionable to me. One piece of material was extremely unusual. It was the one with huge mask on the back. I would also like to thank you for the Nigerian words. I wonder if you can appear again but teach us the fashion of Egypt. ~ Alex Johnson ~

The presentation you gave to our class enhanced our study of Nigeria. Nigerian garments were new and surprising. Yoruba and Ibo customs are fascinating. Artifacts you showed were truly amazing. The facts you educated us about were extraordinary. Green leaves making blue dye shocked me greatly. This experience has been fabulous. Thank you so much for coming and filling our minds with such interesting data. Your visit will be in my mind for a lengthy time because you taught us such a barrel of information.~ Hannah Diamond

Your visit has enlarged my knowledge of Nigeria enormously. I learned how to say hello and good bye in three languages. Fashion really matters in West- Africa! All the clothing was amazing. The head-piece and wrap-around skirt was very beautiful as well as every other piece of cloth you brought. There are many variations of every kind of clothing. I was amazed with how the leaves of a wanda tree makes blue tie-dye and the bark makes brown. ~ Doug Goldring

Yesterday was a big excitement. You taught us many words in Yoruba, Ibo, and Hausa which made me smile. I can’t believe that the leaves from the Wanda trees give us blue dye and the bark gives us brown dye. Many of the styles and fabrics are beautiful. Many of the clothes you made were amazing. The men’s hammocks were fabulous and detailed. ~ Sadie Zar

Thanks for coming to our classroom. The clothing you made was beautiful. You taught us how to say hello and goodbye in 3 different languages which I didn’t know. That amazed me because I have never said something in an African language before. I thank you again for picking me to model your clothing to show the whole class (even though it was for girls.) Your presentation helped me and my class learn more about Africa. ~ Charles Frank

Thank you for coming to our class and educating me. My class and I learned a multitude of information from you. You taught us about different clothing worn in Nigeria. I observed when you out fitted some of my classmates, and some clothes were brilliant. ~ Derek Ho




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