Art-related cultural and social enrichment programs geared toward children, parents and educators

My Time Has Come is Madona Cole-Lacy’s passionate response to what she perceives as a need for solid cultural and social art-related programs to be made available to children, parents and educators. Ms. Cole-Lacy presents and facilitates art related multi-cultural and educational programs and workshops which foster appreciation, sensitivity, sense of self, tolerance to racial, cultural, ethnic and generational issues. These programs are primarily offered in the form of hands-on surface design workshops, motivational workshops and multi-cultural presentations to people of all age groups in venues such as schools, libraries, cultural arts centers, senior centers and museums throughout the United States.

 “My aim is to use art, culture and education as a vehicle through which society can develop and maintain self-esteem as well as cultivate racial/ethnic and generational tolerance”

Madona Cole-Lacy

Ms. Cole-Lacy aims to use the extensive professional experience and skills gained from working with youth in the classroom, at-risk-youth, juvenile delinquents, youth from various ethnic and socio-economic communities, special education and gifted youth population, towards this end.

My Time Has Come was developed as an outgrowth of Madona Cole Originals ( which is a high-end wearable art gallery in Bellmore, New York, where Madona Cole-Lacy’s original textile designs, fashions and accessories are displayed with her home fashions and wall art.  Ms. Cole-Lacy creates one-of-a kind figure flattering unique fashions from her original hand painted, hand dyed, hand screened, hand stamped and/or tie-dyed natural fabrics.




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