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Madona Cole Originals started out as a part time business in 1982. At that time, Madona who was teaching full time could only devote part-time to the business. Madona Cole Originals moved into a full-time venture from 1999 thru 2000, during which time she offered related educational workshops.

However, due to divorce proceedings which started in 2000, the business had to take a back seat while she focused on taking care of her children during this tumultuous time.

It was during this period, that Mrs. Cole-Lacy who responds to the challenges and exploits of life by doing what she refers to as “write a whole book on the subject in my head”, woke up one morning with yet another title for a book….. ‘MY TIME HAS COME’.

The difference this time was that Madona Cole-Lacy felt a strong urge and need to use this affirmation as a tool of empowerment to help and support others — for she strongly believed that her time had come to take full control of her life regardless of what challenges she had to face.

I wanted every man, woman and child with more questions than answers about the complexities of life, to experience what I felt the day I recognized and accepted my time had come!”



Mrs. Cole-Lacy began to shift her attention back to Madona Cole Originals and to developing My Time Has Come. From then on, her focus has been to educate, motivate and inspire students, colleagues, customers and in fact everyone she meets, on the significance of art and culture as a mechanism to bring barriers down, assist children and others deal with social and development issues and, last but not least to foster cultural appreciation.

Madona Cole-Lacy is happily re-married and resides on Long Island with her children and husband James Lacy.










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