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Madona Cole-Lacy, M.A. Ed.
Program Director/Facilitator

James A. Lacy, LCSW
Mental Health Director


Madona Cole-Lacy is an artist, educator

and designer of wearable art who founded My Time Has Come as an outgrowth of her surface design and wearable art business, Madona Cole Originals (www.madonacoleoriginals.com).

Of her one-of-a kind figure - flattering unique fashions which she creates from her original textile designs on natural fabrics, the designer says,” My ready-to-wear and custom pieces which are as versatile as they are functional, are designed for people of all shapes and sizes who do not ever want to see themselves coming or going”


My Time Has Come represents a ‘marriage’ between Mrs. Cole-Lacy’s wearable art business and her cultural arts program.

Madona Cole-Lacy’s professional activities span over a period of 25 years. She has experience teaching in the New York City Public School System, conducting workshops which include district-wide staff professional development, adult education, as well as workshops for people of all age groups, racial and socio-economic backgrounds.

Even though the artist takes full advantage of her extensive professional teaching experience and skills gained from working with at-risk youth, juvenile delinquents, special education and gifted youth, parents and teachers, it is her passion to motivate, educate and inspire others that is the driving force behind her effective workshops.

She facilitates multi-ethnic textile designing workshops, curates art exhibitions of her original textiles and wearable art, and conducts contemporary and cultural fashion shows at schools and libraries throughout Long Island.




She was born in Sierra Leone, West Africa, to parents who were instrumental in providing her a broad educational experience. She studied Graphic Design at the London College of Printing in England, migrated to the United States, studied at Marymount College in Tarrytown and Brooklyn College where she obtained her Masters in Education. She also holds an entrepreneurship certificate from Hofstra University, Scott Skodnek Business Development Center.

Mrs. Cole-Lacy has been featured several times in New York Newsday and other print media, and has appeared in interviews on both television and radio. She belongs to several professional organizations including the Surface Design Association,  Art League of Long Island and Long Island Arts Council. She is committed to community service and has received several citations from government officials in this regard. She is also a committed mother whose devotion to the academic, social and spiritual development of her adolescent children, is second to none.

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